Providing Support and Advocacy for People with Hearing Loss

Did you know

There are documented studies that your brain will ATROPHY if your brain cells are 
NOT understanding what is spoken to you.

 Hearing tones you missed in the past 
may be the best way to retrain your brain to LISTEN. Wearing hearing aids, adjusted to your personal hearing loss, will continue to stimulate old brain cells to grow healthy again


Be an Advocate for Hearing Loss,
without spending a penny!

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Montgomery County Chapter,

We offer you:

Information, Education, Support & Advocacy.
      Lois= 713-835-9589 V/T

Next Meeting: October 7, 2017   

Saturday  10 a.m. - 11:45 a.m.

Open Meeting- South County Library,
2101 Lake Robbins,
Exit I-45- Woodlands Pkwy, N. at Six Pines, W. onto
Lake Robbins, across from HEB.

Featuring International Speaker

Dr. Maroonroge,
Audiologist/Professor at Texas A&M,
Subject- The BRAIN and HEARING

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Houston chapter of the

Hearing Loss Association of America  (HLAA)