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Providing Support and Advocacy for People with Hearing Loss

a 501(c)(3) nonprofit

Houston chapter of the

Hearing Loss Association of America  (HLAA)


The MB program was originally created for her seriously ill mother in 1996, and now after 20 years of research and development, is a simple and easy program for the average person to use.


Past Recognitions and engagements

 •National Association of Professional Women, Press Release, VIP Woman of the Year Award 2014.
•Continental Who’s Who, Editorial in their Inner Circle Executive Magazine, Aug 2014.
•‘Beyond the Limits’ Radio Interview, Sept 2014.
•Women’s Informational Network, e-TV Show, Nov 2014.
•International Women’s Leadership Association, e-magazine Front Cover with Article, Nov-Dec 2014.
•Executive Broadcasting Channel Radio Interview, Dec 2014.
•National Association of Distinguished Professionals, Front Cover with Article June 2015.
•Industry Expert Magazine’s Front Cover Sept 2015.
•IWLA’s ‘Top Female Executive of the Year 2015’ Award.
•Continental Who’s Who Magazine’s Front Cover with 3-page Cover Story Article, Jan 2016.
•World Wide Web Adds MB to Their Library, March 2016.
•MB Program Translates into Braille, May 2016.

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July 26, 2016

Please RSVP

Lois Davis

   713-430-6041 V/T

  Rikki—Enriqueta Martinez
 832-4354288 V/T

Dr. Murad, a medical doctor with numerous alternative health degrees from around the globe, has studied in many countries and experienced many cultures, which provided the solid foundation for assembling the Movement is Blessed Program, a science-based complete all-natural body motion program for less active, and/or less mobile individuals, that requires no gadgets and has no side effects. Since physical activity is required for all ages, but not everyone is able to get to the gym or enjoy outdoor sports, this is a very beneficial program.

Join us to welcome Dr. Marium Murad from Movement is Blessed


Are open to the public.   

We meet at 9:30 am

every second Saturday of each month

except June and December


  Bethany United Methodist Church

3511 Linkwood Dr., Houston, TX 77025