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Susan Langlois - Master Mentor & Author

Susan Langlois, the author of a newly released memoir on overcoming deafness, Out of My World , Into Theirs, which is available on is also a thirty year veteran educator, specializing in Reading Intervention and English as a Second Language.

Hearing-impaired from birth, Susan carved out a career in education despite inherent obstacles. She always felt as though she were looking into life from the outside because she could not identify with either the deaf or the hearing communities, floundering in a gray space between the two.

Susan overcame a series of stumbling blocks to receive several certifications and recognitions, successfully hiding her hearing impairment to avoid the stigma of her disability. But one day after a fire drill, everything changed and Susan had to admit to some harsh realities.

Facing down her fears one night, under the light of a full moon, she pleaded for answers, not knowing that a miracle was just around the corner. Susan, now retired, works part time as a master mentor to new teachers, and as a private reading instructor and writer.


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Saturday, July 8th, 2017

          Attention Cochlear Implant Recipients
Our meetings are held every 4th Saturday from 11 AM - 1 PM,
July 22 and October 28, 2017.
We hope you can join us for lots of fun packed with information about our ic's


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Providing Support and Advocacy for People with Hearing Loss